Carpet Cleaning Myths You Should Be Aware of

There are now several types of carpet cleaning methods and if you tried them all and the stains are still there, you might need to look for the best Chandler carpet cleaning services to get them all worked out. It’s actually confusing to find the right cleaning methods on carpet because of the many choices available these days. The claims of the carpet cleaning companies can even make your confusion worse.

It’s important that be on the right track when it comes to carpet cleaning. This will help you greatly in making decisions when it comes to cleaning and maintaining the carpet. After all, carpets are one of the most expensive investments that you made for your home. A dirty carpet is not really an act of keeping that investment. Below are the things that you should know about carpet cleaning.

1. Vacuuming is enough to keep your carpet clean.

Unfortunately, buying the most expensive vacuum cleaners won’t deep clean your carpet. It might work really well when it comes to removing surface dust, but when it comes to the ones that are trapped deep within, you’re going to have quite a struggle with that. Even if you shampoo your carpet weekly, you still need the help of the professionals to make sure that it is clean.

2. New carpets don’t need cleaning.

You might think that newly installed carpets don’t need cleaning and that’s definitely not right. Don’t wait until the new carpet is all dirty and dusty before you call in the cleaners. Make sure that you have your carpet cleaned by the professionals six months to maximize its lifespan. Don’t let dirt accumulate on your carpet or else you won’t be able to make the full use of your investment. The longer you postpone professional cleaning, the more it looks worse.

3. Frequently cleaning carpets will ruin the way it looks.

There are all sorts of chemicals used to clean carpets and that’s mainly the contribution of new technology. The modern chemicals used to clean carpets these days are quite gentle that they don’t damage the fibers of the carpet or harm their color or texture. Clean carpets regularly so they will look like new for a very long time. Clean it more frequently if the traffic in that room is high. Always test the cleaning products on a more discreet part of the carpet before using it to be sure that it won’t cause any damage to the carpet.

4. Deodorants keep carpets fresh.

Using a deodorant helps in keeping the carpet smell fresh. That will work for carpets that are newly washed by not necessarily for those that haven’t seen deep cleaning for a very long time. Carpet deodorants are temporary solutions to a bad-smelling carpet. It is still important that you call in the cleaners so that you can really clean your carpet deep into its layers. Furthermore, deodorant powders also leave residue on the carpet so you have to use it as sparingly as possible. Make it a habit to ask professional carpet cleaners or anything that you’re not so sure about.