5 Common Teeth Problems and How to Treat Them 

5 Common Teeth Problems and How to Treat Them 

Our teeth has live tissues and nerves and they are prone to bacteria especially if not taken care of well. Our teeth are used up every day, especially when we eat. We chew, bite, talk and grind so we have to clean them so they stay strong and healthy for a long time. Regular flossing and brushing are needed to eliminate the bacterial. Regular visit to family dentist clinic is also important to keep the plaque away.  

If you don’t take care of your teeth well, you might experience the following common teeth problems. Thankfully, in every teeth problem there’s a corresponding solution. Read more to know about them.  

  1. Tooth Decay 

When we were younger, we love to eat all kinds of sweet foods. We end up having decayed teeth. Tooth decay or dental cavities occurs when the bacteria settles on the teeth. The acid that it produces eats away the enamel and forms holes. The reason why someone has tooth decay is because of his/her lifestyle.  

Children and older people are most likely to get tooth decay because their enamel is vulnerable.  Prevention is the thing you can do to combat tooth decay. Regularly floss and brush your teeth, lessen your sugar consume and have a regular dental check-up.  

  1. Gum Disease 

Gum disease is caused by the accumulation of the plaque in your mouth that leads to bacterial infection. The infection eats the ligaments and gum tissue that hold the teeth in their place. There are five stages in the development of this disease, so it means at the earliest stage you still have the chance to treat it. The main symptom is a bleeding gum. Once you experience this, you have to call a dentist right away.  

  1. Tooth Infection 

The tooth infection happens when the tooth’s root is infected with bacteria. This leads to nerve and pulp tissue damage that if not treated right away, will lead to even a worse infection. A fracture, deep crack or cavity can lead to tooth infection. Such infection will result to sore facial swellings. This infection cannot be reversed, so it needs a root canal treatment. This is a painful treatment so anesthesia is needed.  

  1. Enamel Degradation 

One of the most common tooth problems is the enamel degradation. It would be obvious in your eyes because it will appear to be discolored. The causes of this problem are corrosive materials like sugary snacks and fizzy drinks. The acids in these foods wear down the enamel. The result is an unhealthy and stained look.  

  1. Dry Mouth 

Another dental problem is dry mouth. This is usually a side effect of prescription medications that lead to lack of saliva in the mouth. The saliva is important in our mouth because it has antibacterial properties that wash away the residual plaque in our mouth. Once you have dry mouth, the teeth and gums will not have enough moisture for cleansing and lubrication. Ask your doctor about the medicines so you would know.  

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